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Meet your Executive Board

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Dennis Truman | Chairman

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Dennis is an Engineering Consultant who has served as Communications Director for a U.S. Congressional campaign and five Kansas State Legislative campaigns.

My goals as chair are to unify, build, and lead. Unify - For too long has the Republican party been divided by reckless individuals who don't put our mission and values first. Build - Over the last two years this group has done a commendable job at creating a politically educated and engaged community. Changing the direction of Johnson County will require us to build on this foundation. Lead - Coordination with the other conservative groups of Johnson County to find competent candidates and connect them with skilled volunteers.


Molly Martin | Membership Director                       & Vice Chairwoman

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Molly Martin was originally born in Cleveland, MO. She lived there for about 7 years then moved off and on throughout the state of Kansas.


Molly moved to Olathe in 2014 and has been here ever since. She loves Kansas and hopes one day to grow a family here. Molly currently works as an office manager and chiropractic assistant in Olathe. She looks forward to growing the JCYR's through outstanding communication with our existing members and reaching out to potential members.

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Ridge Rose | Treasurer

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Coming Soon.

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Alex Dwyer | Communications Director

Alex Dwyer is a life-long resident of Kansas and currently works in corporate finance. His experience spans from the healthcare industry to public policy. 


Alex helped start the TPUSA (Turning Point USA) chapter on the University of Kansas, where he graduated with a BSB in Business Administration. He is currently working towards his Master's in Finance at UMKC. Alex has served in several treasurer roles on local campaigns.

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Blake Marshall | Events Director

Blake Marshall is a current resident of Fairway, KS where he lives with his wife Lindsey and baby girl, Emery. Blake has worked at Tallgrass Senior Living as the Director of Sales and Marketing since 2015. 


As a Texas boy, Blake graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. He most recently ran for Fairway City Council in 2021 and became more involved with the Young Republicans.

Hello and welcome to the Johnson County Young Republicans! 

We are a group of young professionals and individuals ages 18-40 living in Johnson County, KS and the surrounding counties in the Kansas City metro area. Some of us are starting young families and many of us are people of faith. We have members in almost every industry and walk of life. Our members are medical students, agricultural researchers, teachers, attorneys, engineers, and many other professions all united by shared Kansan values and love of our wonderful community.

The Republican Party philosophy is rooted in the belief in God-given individual rights and responsibilities. We believe that power should be invested in people at the local level. Americans should control their own destiny and lawmakers closest to the problem should make decisions instead of impersonal, far-away bureaucrats. Local government, local education, and community life belong to the people. We are the next generation of Conservative leaders in Johnson County.

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